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Tim Fortescue

is an executive coach, corporate trainer, and content designer based in San Francisco, CA.

He specializes in leadership and communication development.

Tim is a Certified Coactive Professional Coach (CCPC) as well as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) within the International Coaching Federation. His coaching clientele are emerging and established leaders, start up entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking to broaden their capacity in order to scale.

Coaching has been the common thread in Tim’s professional career. After playing basketball at the collegiate level for four years, Tim volunteered as a high school assistant coach while working as a pharmaceutical sales rep at Eli Lilly and Company. This experience sparked a passion to coach and help teenagers develop into confident young adults. The dream of “coaching for a living” was born through that experience, and culminated in the launch of 40 Watt Coaching in 2021.

Tim started his career in training and coaching professionally in 2015 at the global communication training company Own The Room. Over 4 years, Tim coached thousands of individuals around the world in a wide variety of seniority levels, organizations and job functions. In 2016 he led the company’s growth and expansion into the San Francisco Bay Area, establishing its first U.S. West Coast operation and building a team from scratch.

In 2019, Tim joined the fintech company Stripe in San Francisco to lead Manager and Leadership Enablement on their Organizational Development team. In this role, Tim was responsible for building and executing programs that increased skill level, managerial capacity, and inspired mindset growth for leaders at the company.

Tim’s career began in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical diagnostic sales, where he spent a decade as an award winning sales professional. He then spent 4 years in higher education advancement as a major gift fundraiser at the University of Michigan.

"People will forget what you said, but not how you made them feel."

Tim sat down with Erica Lockheimer, VP of Engineering at LinkedIn, as part of her LinkedIn Learning course "Leadership In Tech".

"Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care."

"We all have a reputation as a speaker."

"You've done great things in the past, you'll do great things in the future."

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Executive Coaching

Certified in CoActive Coaching methodology, I help leaders reconnect and thrive within their authenticity in order to build stronger teams. In doing so, my clients build the necessary resilience to operate from a stronger mindset consistently. My particular areas of focus include:

  • Creating a connected team through psychological safety
  • Defeating imposter syndrome
  • Reconfiguring work/life balance
  • Developing a meaningful career progression
  • Updating your “operating system” to thrive in your current stage
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1:1 Communication Coaching

Blending tactical communication skills coaching with CoActive executive coaching methodology, I help leaders make a lasting change as communicators. The combination of increased self-awareness and improved technique is what creates long-term change within my clients in areas like these:

  • Bringing others along with your ideas
  • Inspiring your team with your vision
  • Forming team cohesion with clear communication
  • Engaging your audience at conferences and large events
  • Preparing for media interviews and appearances
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I’ve facilitated workshops around the world for some of the most recognizable global brands. I design around the learning goals of your team. Below are a few of my most requested workshops:

  • Delivering A Compelling Vision (for managers and leaders)
  • Delivering A Compelling Vision (for sellers)
  • Know Your Audience…And Tailor Your Message
  • Driving Consensus in Meetings
  • Developing Your Pitch (“40 Watt Pitch Club”)

Are you interested in building a more connected team? Do you have a desire to expand your communication and leadership skills?

I’d love to hear from you.
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Yamini Rangan


at Hubspot

"In working with Tim, I refined my ability to connect with a variety of audiences. We built a structure that works for me, and it was fun working with him! That's why I trust him to coach other leaders on my team."


Arden Hoffman

Chief Human Resources Officer

General Motors

"The thing I appreciate about Tim’s coaching is that he can walk the line between better technique and being authentic. Both are important, but the authenticity part is critical for leaders. I trust him as a partner in developing any leader because of his approach. And it is great fun to work with him."


Pat Wadors

Chief People Officer

at UKG

"Tim finds what you do well and coaches you through the lens of your strengths. He helps speakers get into the zone through positive reinforcement, he has an eye for small details that make a big impact, and he taps into your passion of the topic and brings it to life."


Griffin Gaffney

CEO and Co-Founder

The San Francisco Standard

"When I've got to work through a tough team problem, I call Tim—he's able to help me quickly target the root of the issue and quickly build the confidence to address it head on."


Frederick Akpoghene


at JèGo Technologies Inc.

“Tim’s framework was very helpful in developing me as a leader, to communicate effectively to investors, stakeholders, and to bring on new partnerships. His framework is very easy to understand, to repeat and to implement within a company. It’s scalable and we plan to work further with him as we grow.”


Monica Long

General Manager, Ripple X

at Ripple

“As a result of Tim's coaching, I've come to understand myself better and what's really important to me, which has built my confidence as a leader, and how I manage my time as a leader and parent. Tim goes far beyond the standard executive coaching toolset, and gives me practical, effective exercises and techniques to manage my self-critic, be better to myself, and lead authentically. His coaching is life-changing.”


Marie Diamond

Head of Communications

at Wiz

“If you care about immediate impact, hire Tim. I've worked with him for years, and it's uncanny how much people improve after just one session. Colleagues who could barely make eye contact before suddenly seem ready for the TED stage. I've tried a lot of media trainers and speaking coaches over the years, and Tim is hands-down the best. He puts in the pre-work to deeply understand the people he's training and their unique needs. It was a joy partnering with him to design a series of group and 1-1 sessions for teams on two continents.”


Erica Lockheimer

VP of Engineering

at LinkedIn Learning

“I’ve worked with Tim as my public speaking coach and as a trainer for teams at LinkedIn. The thing that stands out is his ability to connect— both with large groups and with individuals. He’s helped bring my speaking to a new level by focusing on leading with my authentic voice and bringing in my own authentic style.”


Osazee Paul

Strategy and Analytics

at Deloitte Consulting

"Tim's mix of honesty, positivity and his use of effective exploratory techniques are second to none. With his guidance, I find myself answering my own questions/concerns and really feeling good about the real practicality of using what we came up with!"


Stephanie Smeriglio Lathum

Director of Technology and Mobile

& Connectivity Global Marketing Solutions at Meta

“Tim helped me find my authentic voice as a communicator, which was a huge step in my growth as a leader. I also brought him in to train my sales teams. He built virtual, in person, and blended training sessions for us long before the pandemic made that a more common thing. He understood our team culture and felt like a part of our team, which made working with him fun and more effective than we’ve seen with other partners.”


Rahul Parendukar

Startup Founder

former Director of Data Science at Appen

“Tim provides an essential safe space for my growth as a leader. I can talk through management challenges in our coaching sessions that I am not comfortable discussing with my peers at work, or even my friends. In the last few months, this has helped me prioritize what's important for me as a leader, and carve out my own leadership mantra so that I can deliver the best version of me for my team, and more importantly— me and my family!.”


Liz Sweet

Head of Global Talent Development

at Intercom

“Tim is not only a skilled coach and facilitator, but he's a great thought partner. I've worked with Tim on many projects at several different companies over the years, and he somehow seamlessly becomes an extension of our team. He brings creative ideas and a lot of energy to partnership, and clearly loves the work he does.”


Israel Shalom

Start Up Founder

Former Product Leader at Google and Dropbox

"I speak to Tim for an hour once a month and it's probably the highest ROI on my time. He helps me reflect on my work life, build and use my frameworks for dealing with concrete situations, explore and advancing my long term career goals. I have multiple mentors on my advisory board, but having a coach in Tim is different. Rather than directly sharing his own experience and perspective, he helps me find mine. If you're a knowledge worker with a growth mindset, you should talk to Tim!"


Stacey Levy

Leadership Development Manager

at Google

“I have had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with Tim in three varied settings: first was a cross functional team offsite L&D experience, second was in a 300+ person training, and third was in 1:1 coaching. In all three settings, Tim brought a combination of applicable coaching, practice, hands on tips, and things to try that could be used in myriad ways with customers and internal stakeholder meetings. Tim brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge in leadership coaching, executive presence and owning both the live and virtual room, that could be applied immediately.”


Dave Doneson


American Committee for the Wiezmann Institute of Science

“We’ve experienced off-the-shelf training experiences from many vendors, but working with Tim is different. He seeks understanding before creating a solution. Tim was able to accurately identify the actual pain point our team needed to solve— and then build a customized experience. Working with him is like the difference between buying an off-the-rack suit and working with a fine tailor to build something bespoke, perfectly fit for you. My teams always walk away with new skills and they enjoy working with Tim.”


Divya Chopra

Global Marketing Lead

at Meta

“Most importantly, I've seen results with the folks Tim has worked with. He’s patient and kind with the feedback he gives in workshops. Our partnership at Facebook extended well beyond typical training offerings and shifted into customized workshops based on data that we collected from our team. Tim is forward thinking, innovative and always willing to try and pilot new things. He's been an integral partner for us. I highly recommend Tim if you have the chance to work with him.”


Jessica Valenzuela

CEO and Co-Founder

at GoGoGuest

“Our Fall 2020 cohort Nasdaq Center's Milestone Maker program was super lucky to have Tim Fortescue as our pitch mentor. In a few short sessions, Tim empowered the entire cohort with an actionable 2-minute pitch framework. I'm more confident in front of an audience thanks to Tim! I highly recommend his coaching sessions.”